Welcome to the Infinite Spheres of the Multiverse!

Insanity and Certain Death Awaits….

This adventure through the Spheres (for the moment only mortal, or finite) began under unfortunate circumstances; it began far from the Inner Cluster, upon a forgotten moon drifting astray in the Diomus Sphere. Those players that know of this moon, were slaves in the Moon Ore mines of the moon itself, called Diomus. The Sphere is named after the forgotten moon, and it lays far beyond the Canum Spheres which were once ruled by the Ancient Dwarven Lords of Space.

The older adventure that we were involved in is addressed by the below comment. However, some of the general facts presented are still relevant even in the Core Spheres.

Here on the Outer Rim of Dwaven Space, murderer and martyrs alike ride the Firmament, the space between the Spheres. They seek the ancient relics left by the Etherics in an era long ago. The Etherics proclaim themselves as the first of the Uthras progeny although now, in the Shadow of the 2nd Host, they’ve become refugees after wars with the Guild. The Guild magicians have constantly been at odds with the traditional Guild Association of Etherics. Many magicians of humanity believe that these ancient beings know of the sleeping Eidolons that built the machinations behind the cosmological association and influence. The time-magicians of the Cartographers’ Sodality, seek these relics and the sleeping titans of old as they believe it will bring them closer to the Cadence of the Continuum, a mystical communion generating a command of time and space.

I’m adding this small section here as we’ll be traveling in space soon: Here is a developing list of the “regions” of the galaxy. These regions are systems within which there are multiple Spheres of Influence. I will be starting a project to add most of the documented planets that I currently have. Any questions just let me know.

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Spheres of the Multiverse

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