It ought be stated at the outset that the “core” worlds are those most inhabited by a variety galactic people. However, some of these worlds/spheres have been inhabited by the oldest of the space traveling people and they are shrouded in a cloth of mystery. They are also clustered around the Polaris Sphere which is possessed of a few satellite Spheres.

Deep Core: Polaris (Sphere of the Elder Suns), Byzantium Sphere (The Emperor’s Sanctuary)

Core: Nizarḥ (Spheres of Murderers & Marauders), Vidya Sadhana (Spheres of Adherents of the Mind), Shanuman (Sphere of Templar & the Devoted), Kohanim (Sphere of Sanctuary), Gheud Ardha (Sphere of Hunters & Druids), Vandara (Sphere of Savages), Aveshta (Sphere of Bards), Meraz Yeshu (Sphere of Wizards), Chaldea (Sphere of Thieves & Sorcerers)

Colonies: Hermopolis (Sphere of Markets), Nambara (Sphere of the Mighty),

Inner Drift:

Rift Spheres: Ouron (Sphere of Storms),

Middle Galaxies: Cor Canum, Beta Canum, Canes Minor, Diomus Sphere

Outer Regions: Durmon Sphere, Ma’at

Wild Space: Tartaros

Unknown Regions:


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