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All historical research provided was collected in the name of His Highness Byzas II, Son of Space and Protector of Mankind. May his inquisitors route heresy from its dark blasphemous hovel and purify it in the name of the Holy Uthras.

Here is a what little has been collected on a group of adventures that rescued the Lord of Black Iron from his slavery upon Diomus. Many historians of the time believe that his return to the Galactic Market tilted the balance of powers in Great Guild’s favor. The Great Assemblage as it is called commands much of the fundamental elements of travel through the Firmament. They build warships for the Empire, and many others, and in addition they explore the Space between Spheres to validate the known trade routes. They are often referred to as the Shining Light as their navigators find light at the tunnels lining the light-years between Spheres. They are the Lords of the Firmament, and often they have struggled with the Imperial Inquisition. However, there is currently a pact between H. H. Byzas II and the Lords of the Firmament one that helps maintain a lucrative trade route that is subject to Imperial taxation.

Diomus Saga

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