Diomus Sphere

This Sphere is dominated by the Wall of Stones, a massive asteroid belt that encloses the forgotten moon of Diomus. The major trade center of this Sphere is located on the Rock of Galbar, an enormous asteroid that has been colonized by agents of the Guild. In addition, another large mining colony, less of a mercantile center, than a frontier mining facility. This facility is called Asterion and it lies on the outside of the Wall of Stones.

In addition to the enormous asteroid belt close to the elliptical center of the Sphere, there is another major center, called Mūrden. This small planetoid is riddled with temple palisades carved into the foothills of the Elician Mountains, where the adventurers have spent plenty of time sacking demons and titanic ancestors of Luxxo heraldry. However, this planet was also once the homeworld of one of the Ancient Dwarven Lords of Space, the king of the Dvergar, and a great center of the dwarven religious community.

There are a few other planets, ironically larger than Mūrden but less important, Sūmoth, called the Stone on the Serpent’s Tail. This planet is a cold failure of terraforming and its distance from any healthy sun makes it somewhat of a wasteland. Some believe that powerful mindwarpers dwell upon its deserts and serve foul demons and jinnīs. Only the bravest and strongest of the galaxy’s adventures seek the riches and artifacts of Sūmoth.

Another larger planet on the opposite side of the Diomus Sphere from Sūmoth is Dūrhan, which borders the Durmon Sphere. This planet is desolate and many a dwarven barbarian fight against the ravaging dragon-kin that roam the land. There are a few grasslands and werefolk have colonized these, some even having Evestrum technology that allows them to raid some of the travel vessels that stray from Mūrden. They are salvagers that often fight against the lizard folk who dwell upon some of the fertile moons within Dūrhan’s atmosphere.

Diomus Sphere

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