Spheres of the Multiverse

A dark shadow: July 31st session

After the convoy of ships, including the party’s Esperanto, leaves Primerus for Varnhold, on the edge of the Kohanim Sphere, they travel for 20 hours in the Firmament, the space between Spheres. Suddenly, the darkness of space reaches out to envelope the first ship. Immediately, Red Feather and Deaine, consult with the Esperanto’s Captain who has brought the Navigator. The Navigator pulls a crystal sphere and begins scrying into the darkness. They see the outline of a ship ramming their convoy ship’s hull. The ship is formed from some strange stone that reflects the darkness of space and as such appears cloaked from detection.

Deaine and Red Feather decide that their only option is to infiltrate the Black Ship. The navigator reads a teleportation scroll and they find themselves on the convoy ship’s main deck. A group of pirates attacks them and almost murders them. Once again it is Desna, ever vigilant of her questing heroes, who gives Deaine a vision. She sees a desolate wasteland haunted by shadows and phantasms, and a wizard who holds a stone of incarnate twilight. He gives the stone to Deaine and it immediately binds with her will. The stone aids her in battle and supplants her healing with a shrouded sustenance. She watches her wounds rejuvenate effortlessly.

With the stone’s aid, they defeat the pirates on the main deck. The ship’s swain emerges from the rear stairwell wounded and bleeding. He pleads for them to avenge his death. He tells them that the lower decks are compromised and the enemies are pushing them further below deck. Soon they will fall. He then promptly dies.

The decide to try to assault the Black Ship as they spy another attack party waiting on the main deck. Instead of taking them head on, they climb the rigging and make their across the tangled ropes toward the Black Ship. After reaching the Black Ship they attack the guards on her forecastle. They defeat the pirates but here they encounter a foul beast who sapped a piece of Deaine’s soul. The vile attacker is defeated and his corporeal form explodes into a gaseous cloud.

Frightened one of the pirates jumps off of the ship into the vacuum of infinite space. Red Feather tries to imprison the cloud with a wind wall but this merely delays the gas for a while before it eventually returns into the wood beneath the forecastle. After this, they both make their way to the main deck.

There they battle another group of pirates. Upon defeating them they search the two rooms beneath the forecastle. In one they find a carpeted room with a round table, stacks of books, a few maps upon the table, pillows lining the benches and a chest. They find a full set of maps of the Core Spheres, 2000 gold, and a slave of slipperiness.

In the next room, which is similarly carpets, they meet a woman who initially tries to fain innocence to give her the chance to attempt to dominate Deaine. She succeeds in dominating the space-slayer, but when she commands Deaine to attack Red Feather, the enchantment is broken by the bonds of adventurers. Both Red Feather and Deaine attack this foul enchantress who summons a body guard complete with greatsword and full plate armor. After a brutal fight, the witch and her body guard are both pounded into gas. They disappear below deck.

They find another set of maps, this one somewhat incomplete, which concerns the Colonial Spheres. They also find a set of papers (i.e., the crew manifest, cargo inventory, documents of passage, etc.), a bag of gear (including bracers, a ring, cloak, quarterstaff and a few scrolls), and the captain’s pistol (+2 military pistol).

With the stern-castle’s deck abandoned and the main deck’s pirates defeated, they decide to clear the rooms beneath the stern-castle. One room is a pantry, another a kitchen with a thug that tries to stab Deaine and who is quickly dispatched by her axe. They find the navigator’s chambers and pick up more maps of the Inner Drift, in addition to copies of the previous maps encountered.

Finally, at the rear of the ship, they find the Spelljammer’s room. Here they encounter an invisible person chained to the wall. They noticed the chain suspended in mid-air. The person reveals himself as Baelthus, and reports that he’s been a prisoner of these pirate’s for some time. He tells the party that he’s been forced to research an experimental engine that would shift a ship into the Transitive Realms of Existence. He also says that his belongings were taken from him by the captain, and the party decides to return the bag of gear to him. He says that he will aid the party if they can get him off of the ship.

In the final room on this ship, they find a hidden portion of the Spelljammer which appears to be billowing shadowy exhaust from its pipes. Baelthus is afraid of this device and recommends they do not enter the room. The party unflinching of Baelthus’s concerns, enters and searches the room. There they encounter a shade as it emerges from the machine. They defeat the incorporeal monstrosity and decide to head below decks.

Breaking from the Arena

The adventure begins with the party on a transport ship, red feather, the enslaved druid, hears the guards on this ship telling horror stories of the Serpent’s Borough. There are two other groups of prize fighters heading to their doom in the slums of Primerus’ Western Districts and they look up to the adventurers who have survived multiple battles. However, this battle is a survival fight, and the patrons want to see how much these prize fighters can take.

The transport lands and it’s time to head to the holding cell. Red feather again sees a group of officials, together with Gygax and Arcturus, but he is able to perceive a ranking officer arguing with the guard’s of the Champion’s League. The guards escort the party through a series of alleyways in the “serpent’s rattle,” the sub-district known as Kyrosa, into a holding cell that is exposed to the public.

While discussing with the public, they discover what could be their opponent: a Savage Elephant from the frontier. After sitting most of the day in the holding cell, they also discover an agent of Sylvan descent who has been sent to the Coliseum to investigate something. They are unable to determine why the Elf is disguised among the Arena Slaves, but they wrangle some food from the guards trading what they could for prison-shaved shanks. They spend the entire night trying to determine the Elf’s purpose among them without revealing his identity to the rest of the prisoners.

In the morning, before they were escorted to the coliseum, two groups of lesser adventurers who had accompanied the heroes through a few of the Champion’s League arenas. The first group has a body barely alive to return (out of the three that left) and out of the second group of three gladiators no one returns. From the dying slaves that remained, the heroes were rushed through the mazes of bustling guards from the city, Vigilants’, and hired muscle from the local thieves guilds, by the Champion’s League soldiers. They were escorted through the labyrinthine caverns beneath the Coliseum to the weapons staging area. The personal tables with all of choice weapons collected by the heroes.

The sounds of the arena fills the room and the iron-bound doors shutter with the sounds of an enormous pachyderm charging around the arena. When they are prepared, the doors fly open. There are tigers lurking about the other side of the Coliseum and before the heroes get leave the staging area, the tigers attack. The crowds surge at the attack, and the heroes fight their way through the beasts into the entrance of the arena. Apes come climbing out of the arena walls about 15 ft. above the dusty surface of the Coliseum, the heroes slash their way through most of the apes but suddenly they hear the sounds of the Savage Elephant.

The Elephant tries to bash the doors away while the heroes continue fighting off the furious apes of the arena. Before they can destroy the apes, the coliseum guards release the mad elephant unto the heroes. It smashes through the middle of the arena immediately damaging much of the party.

The battle ended with Nathaniel’s character pumping a round into the elephant and Red Feather continuing the lightning barrage. At this point, they’re the only characters conscious.p.

Beginning Pathfinder

This will be the beginning of a (hopefully) extensive adventure log for the new Pathfinder game. Just figured that I would offer a few notes that might aid in character creation on June 9th.

1) We’re starting in the Core Systems, specifically in the Kohanim system, the Sphere of Priests, and once again the entire party will be enslaved.

2) The catch, this time around, is that the entire party was enslaved by the same group. Troglodyte slavers have been patrolling the forgotten sectors of the Deep Core as well as the Core Systems. These slavers were involved in rounding up all of the adventures before selling them to the Champion’s League, a group devoted to buying quality gladiator’s for urban arena tournaments.

3) The “back-story” is that the party showed their heroic qualities among the troglodyte slavers and this is what brought them to the attention of the slaver authority. They negotiated a good price for the Champion’s League and since then the party has been traveling the Core Systems making their way through the local arena tournaments. So far, they have gained an infamous reputation and as such they’re scheduled for a major spectacle fight in the Serpent’s Borough.

4) Equipment: The party will start with nothing more than what is required to perform the duties of their respective classes. This means, for the moment, no magic items and no starting gold. Wizards get their book, bards get their instruments, etc. Anyone may take armor although Full-plate and half-plate are not yet available to the party. Armor is readily available in this context although the quality is questionable.

There will be more updates forthcoming…

Diomus Log
Old News

The mines were within an ancient facility owned by warforged of Mechanus. The adventure began in their exodus from these mines, where they fought their way through a few mines protected by Ogres and Moon Giant Lieutenants. They then savagely tried to survive in the cavernous underdark beneath the mines but this led to many encounters with the forgotten dead wandering through these subterranean hollows. As such, the adventurers decided to instead escape into the foothills of Ba’alymm mountains northwards toward the city of Hollow’s Mark. The mercantile capital of the surface of Diomus, it was here that they fought against the dreaded Fenryr giants, a savage bunch of salvagers and tundra hunters.

During their time within the caverns beneath the surface, the adventures meet an Ice Hag and her barbaric kin. The hag folk live closer to the surface but the Ice Hag is a queen in these forgotten caverns. She wants the Eyes of Amalthea and she’ll reward the party if they’re brought back to her. They seek out the Eyes and venture deeper into the caverns, and fight against the spectral ancestors of old. The plague them incessantly but they make their way deeper to the footsteps of an ancient temple carved in the stone face of the glacial caverns.

Here they fight against the undying a spirit of the Uthras, sometimes called a spirit of fire and ice, and steal away from this spirit the Eyes of Amalthea. They trade these eyes to the Ice Hag and are granted aid against the Moon Giant enslavers, locating an entrance to the surface that remains unpatrolled by their former captures.

From this location they march across open tundra, where they meet the hunter Fraek. The adventurers, primary among which were Altair (NM), Briar (TL), Doris (JB) and Fraek (PM), then met some native dwarves that were defeated by Fenryr.


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