Mystic Theurge - Cleric of Fharlagn - Wizard


to be continued. . .


Briar is a born spacer. This land stuff disgusts her a bit, but life is about the journey so she pushes on. She is a cleric of Fahrlagn, a free-lance wizard and a mystic theurge.


Briar was born to a family of free traders on the edge of the spheres. They traded and made their home on their ship. At 12, there was a horrible crash killing her family and abandoning her on a deserted planet. A high priest of Fharlagn traveled through and helped her off the stupid rock that had taught her much of survival. Wishing deeply that she could have saved her family she pleads with the priest to teach her. He does and introduces her to his wife a wizard with lots of things to learn. Torn between the two worlds she runs into a mystic theurge and learns a few tricks. Unfortunately she is in guild space at this time and is caught using arcane magic without guild affiliation. She is enslaves on Diomis where her journey just begins to get interesting.


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