Spheres of the Multiverse

Diomus Log

Old News

The mines were within an ancient facility owned by warforged of Mechanus. The adventure began in their exodus from these mines, where they fought their way through a few mines protected by Ogres and Moon Giant Lieutenants. They then savagely tried to survive in the cavernous underdark beneath the mines but this led to many encounters with the forgotten dead wandering through these subterranean hollows. As such, the adventurers decided to instead escape into the foothills of Ba’alymm mountains northwards toward the city of Hollow’s Mark. The mercantile capital of the surface of Diomus, it was here that they fought against the dreaded Fenryr giants, a savage bunch of salvagers and tundra hunters.

During their time within the caverns beneath the surface, the adventures meet an Ice Hag and her barbaric kin. The hag folk live closer to the surface but the Ice Hag is a queen in these forgotten caverns. She wants the Eyes of Amalthea and she’ll reward the party if they’re brought back to her. They seek out the Eyes and venture deeper into the caverns, and fight against the spectral ancestors of old. The plague them incessantly but they make their way deeper to the footsteps of an ancient temple carved in the stone face of the glacial caverns.

Here they fight against the undying a spirit of the Uthras, sometimes called a spirit of fire and ice, and steal away from this spirit the Eyes of Amalthea. They trade these eyes to the Ice Hag and are granted aid against the Moon Giant enslavers, locating an entrance to the surface that remains unpatrolled by their former captures.

From this location they march across open tundra, where they meet the hunter Fraek. The adventurers, primary among which were Altair (NM), Briar (TL), Doris (JB) and Fraek (PM), then met some native dwarves that were defeated by Fenryr.


Also encountered a witch seeking the eyes/gems/2 of them. She wanted the high elven wizard and exchanged information. The eyes themselves were stolen as the group searched for a way out of the mine. At this point the party consists of Dorris (J), Altair (M), Briar (T), pain in the ass high wizard (Jer), and the monk (?). Eventually the battle makes it to the surface where they meet dwarven traders stalking nasties. Mysterious happenings enfold with their death and the group meets our half-orc doll Freak (P). Papers are forges and we get the hell off that rock, and more chaos ensues.

Diomus Log

Good looking out Tina! There was also something that happened with the dwarves met upon the tundra. It was something involving the rifle and I’m pretty sure it was a side-quest that Altair did…well at the very least obsidian will not let this happen again.

Diomus Log

The eyes were stolen (not traded) by a thief as we were escaping. Briar wanted to consecrate Amalthea’s alter, but was not strong enough at the time, so the party escaped to the surface.

The hunting party was met during an overnight on the moon’s surface. We tracked them as they hunted, but they found us as we camped during a storm on the surface. The rifle, I believe was returned as it was an heirloom (though honestly Altair may have kept it). The tribe was warned that the son may be a part of his father’s death.

Diomus Log

Correction: The Eyes of Amalthea were never stolen. These were traded, I believe to the Ice Hag for her knowledge of a safe passage through which you ascended to the surface. I don’t remember battles with the Moon Giants and their Ogre friends, the only direction that you knew might get you to the surface although there were battles with them to get your equipment back. The stones that were stolen were the shadow like stones composed of a void-like darkness pitch like deep space. These stones, for which, I believe you Briar, still have “instructions” that remain undecipherable.

Diomus Log

Tina, do you remember any “scrolls” that you may have attained on Diomus. There is the one that accompanied the shadow like stones…but there were a few more I believe. I’ve found some older notes and I’m sure that you had at least a few scrolls. If not then the scrolls I found in my notes were most likely included in the scrolls that you found with these stones.

Let me know.

Diomus Log

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