Spheres of the Multiverse

Beginning Pathfinder

This will be the beginning of a (hopefully) extensive adventure log for the new Pathfinder game. Just figured that I would offer a few notes that might aid in character creation on June 9th.

1) We’re starting in the Core Systems, specifically in the Kohanim system, the Sphere of Priests, and once again the entire party will be enslaved.

2) The catch, this time around, is that the entire party was enslaved by the same group. Troglodyte slavers have been patrolling the forgotten sectors of the Deep Core as well as the Core Systems. These slavers were involved in rounding up all of the adventures before selling them to the Champion’s League, a group devoted to buying quality gladiator’s for urban arena tournaments.

3) The “back-story” is that the party showed their heroic qualities among the troglodyte slavers and this is what brought them to the attention of the slaver authority. They negotiated a good price for the Champion’s League and since then the party has been traveling the Core Systems making their way through the local arena tournaments. So far, they have gained an infamous reputation and as such they’re scheduled for a major spectacle fight in the Serpent’s Borough.

4) Equipment: The party will start with nothing more than what is required to perform the duties of their respective classes. This means, for the moment, no magic items and no starting gold. Wizards get their book, bards get their instruments, etc. Anyone may take armor although Full-plate and half-plate are not yet available to the party. Armor is readily available in this context although the quality is questionable.

There will be more updates forthcoming…



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